Be on the safe side

Modern threats, industrial espionage, multi-layered attacks, well-organised hacker groups and countless vulnerable systems, components and applications… ensuring high-level, comprehensive security protection for an entire IT system is no easy undertaking – and it is a challenge that is beyond the capabilities and resources of many SMEs.

This is where blooSec comes in: a modular all-round solution that provides security for client-specific IT infrastructures while also enabling highly secure data communication. The solution includes the following features:


Endpoint protection

  • Real-time protection (malware protection) for all end devices (desktop PCs, mobile devices, servers, etc.)
  • Extensive security functions such as central management, patch management and life-cycle management



  • Detects and blocks all kinds of threats and intruders
  • Active security management


Network intrusion prevention

  • Identifies and blocks malicious data traffic, the misuse of specific applications and malware
  • Supports the enforcement of security guidelines


VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  • Enables secure and encrypted data communication
  • Ensures business continuity

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Do you have a firewall fit for today's challenges?

Does it harmonize your network, workload, and application security? Does it protect apps and employees in your hybrid or multicloud environment? Make sure you're covered.

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Anticipate, act, and simplify with Secure Firewall

With workers, data, and offices located all over, your firewall must be ready for anything. Secure Firewall helps you plan, prioritize, close gaps, and recover from disaster—stronger.



Turn intent into action

Unify policy across your environment and prioritize what’s important. Having security resilience is about shoring up your architecture against threats and using automation to save time.




Achieve superior visibility

Regain visibility and control of your encrypted traffic and application environments. See more and detect more with Cisco Talos, while leveraging billions of signals across your infrastructure with security resilience.




Drive efficiency at scale

Only Secure Firewall includes license entitlement for SecureX, our open orchestration and XDR experience. The combination increases productivity across your teams and hybrid environments, while reducing threat dwell times.




Make zero trust practical

Secure Firewall makes a zero-trust posture achievable and cost-effective with network, microsegmentation, and app security integrations. Automate access and anticipate what comes next.



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Massgeschneiderte Standardlösungen

Von Standard bis erhöhte Privatsphäre und/oder Sicherheit

Alle Produkte bietet bloosite in 3 Versionen an:
  1. Cloud: Web-basiert, Benutzername/Password und 2 Faktor
  2. Protected: Zugriff via VPN über das Firmen-Netzwerk
  3. Private: Kunden-spezifische Infrastruktur




Dank dem Aufbau und Betrieb standardisierter Produkte profitieren Sie von Skaleneffekten, von hochgradig innovativen Technologien und von wegweisenden Lösungen. Doch der Standardisierung zum Trotz: Sämtliche von bloosite angebotenen Produkte und Services basieren auf einem stabilen Kern, sind jedoch kundenspezifisch konfigurier- und skalierbar.

Nutzen Sie die Vorzüge beider Welten. Nennen wir es «Individualstandard».