Brought to the point

bloosite, the Swiss Security provider domiciled in Winterthur, specializes in the development and operation of secure virtual desktop and server solutions as well as storage, network and security services. The innovative Swiss company's comprehensive offering is available both as an appliance and as cloud services from a highly secure Swiss data center.

By working with bloosite, customers not only receive a modern network, server and communication infrastructure that is tailored to their individual needs, but also maximum security, performance and availability. They also benefit from individual services guaranteed by Service Level Agreements.

Passionate about providing managed services

bloosite helps SMEs, Resellers and Enterprise Organisations keep up with rapidly changing markets by providing convenient IT solutions to suit their evolving business models. Companies benefit from a ready-to-use package with a usage-dependent pricing model as well as from a sound knowledge in IT-security.

The comprehensive offering of the innovative Swiss company ranges from products for local installation to the operation of highly secure Swiss data centers.

At the same time, companies will see a significant reduction in their own IT staff’s workload and the time they need to spend on managing their ICT systems. This gives you and your team more time to focus on business-relevant strategic issues.


2000 - First ”as a Service” data center in the basement
2004     Professional Swiss Data Center
2006      Backup & Storage as a Service
2008      Virtual Desktop as a Service
2010     Identity as a Service
2011 – Swiss Security Solutions
2012 gold medal Dental Cloud with 3D X-ray
2015 gold medal Multimedia cloud desktop with telephony
2016 gold medal Lifecycle Endpoint Security Service mit BigFix
2017 gold medal 3D CAD, virtualised on-prem and as a Cloud Service
2019 gold medal nextcloud Enterprise Security Provider
2020 gold medal Desktop Automation "WWAS - Workplace with a Service" for Lenovo Devices
2021 gold medal Lifecycle BigFix Managed Security Service as Cloud and on-prem Service