Focus on users rather than owners

Flexibility, security, mobility and scalability – all these benefits can be yours with ‘Swiss Cloud’, the high-performance ICT cloud services from bloosite.

  • Enjoy the benefits of highly accessible, individually tailored IT and communication services without having to manage your own ICT infrastructure
  • Seamless combination of data, voice and video services
  • Services can be adapted to changing business processes and requirements at any time
  • Existing applications are integrated
  • Smooth and secure integration of decentralised structures, mobile devices and different user groups
  • Moderate and transparent monthly costs designed for easy budgeting
  • Highly secure data centre in Switzerland

Whether you opt for a ‘private cloud’ or a ‘public cloud’, an ‘SME cloud’ or a ‘community cloud’, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or software as a service (SaaS), bloosite will make your cloud strategy a key success factor by laying the foundations for efficiency and flexibility, performance and security.



The cloud concept – from hype to sustainable added value

Dynamic markets, shrinking margins, growing demands for flexibility, efficiency and security – these are just some of the factors that companies across all industries have to deal with, SMEs and large enterprises alike.

With the numerous challenges facing businesses today, strategic use of high-performance, highly accessible, flexible and secure ICT solutions is more important than ever. Yet for many companies, setting up and maintaining their own ICT infrastructure is a daunting task. It can be difficult to raise the substantial funds needed to invest in hardware, software and human resources, as well as to cover the high costs of maintaining security, keeping knowledge up to date and procuring support services.

However, there is a solution that can help you tackle this dilemma effectively – with cloud and outsourcing services from bloosite, you can lay new foundations for all your ICT needs. You will benefit from the high performance and accessibility of an exceptionally secure data centre in Switzerland, clearly defined and guaranteed levels of service, and individually tailored “à la carte” services relating to networking, servers, desktops, printers, telephony, storage, backups and security. Thanks to bloosite’s Swiss Cloud solution, you will have access to exactly the resources you need – with clearly defined monthly costs, no need for any major initial investments and outstanding flexibility.

Thanks to bloosite, you can benefit from:

  • a highly accessible, scalable ICT infrastructure geared towards your individual requirements
  • a seamless combination of data, voice and video services
  • security, availability and flexibility
  • expertise, experience, transparency and minimal investments