Focus on users rather than owners

Flexibility, security, mobility and scalability – all these benefits can be yours with ‘Swiss Cloud’, the high-performance ICT cloud services from bloosite.

  • Enjoy the benefits of highly accessible, individually tailored IT and communication services without having to manage your own ICT infrastructure
  • Seamless combination of data, voice and video services
  • Services can be adapted to changing business processes and requirements at any time
  • Existing applications are integrated
  • Smooth and secure integration of decentralised structures, mobile devices and different user groups
  • Moderate and transparent monthly costs designed for easy budgeting
  • Highly secure data centre in Switzerland

Whether you opt for a ‘private cloud’ or a ‘public cloud’, an ‘SME cloud’ or a ‘community cloud’, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or software as a service (SaaS), bloosite will make your cloud strategy a key success factor by laying the foundations for efficiency and flexibility, performance and security.