Swiss «Back-up and Recovery» and «Business Continuity»


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«Fort Knox» for your data

The cloud solution provides encrypted, legally compliant and continuous data security to protect your most valuable asset: your data.

By opting for blooSafe, the online backup solution from bloosite, you can ensure that your data (in all conceivable formats) has round-the-clock protection and can be retrieved at any time. There is no need to invest in your own hardware and operating and management costs are kept to a minimum.

Key features at a glance

  • Continuous security for central and decentralised data and servers
  • Reliable protection against loss of data
  • Conforms to compliance guidelines and reduces liability risks
  • No need to invest in your own hardware
  • Client-specific configuration and convenient management
  • Secure data access for authorised personnel
  • Transparent charges based on volume
  • Extensive range of options such as a dedicated backup appliance, ‘3rd site’ backups and private LAN connections
  • Professional services (service level agreements (SLAs))