Synchronization to remote offices and branches

  • Data synchronization to remote offices, external sites and branches
  • Data access to local file system (LAN/CIFS)




Central user administration

  • Central user administration for all Dataspace services
  • Integration into existing Active Directory or LDAP services
  • All data accesses will be encrypted (SSL, https , LDAP over SSL )




Unique Backup

  • Daily backup of your data in the redundant data safe of Mount10



Typical applications

  • Encrypted and secure file exchange (internal/external)
  • Discharge to the E-mail system (Large attachments are automatically replaced with a download link)
  • Detachment from FTP or proprietary island solutions
  • Reducing vulnerabilities in file exchange
  • Multi-level authorization concept
  • Mobile access to company data from any iOS, android and Blackberry 10 device (BYOD)
  • Fully automatic single- and multi-user synchronization of files on your own desktop (Sync Client for Mac, Windows & Linux)
  • Fully automatic multi-user synchronization between headquarter and branches respectively Datacenter and Locations
  • Can replace distributed file and backup servers, reducing hardware and operational cost



  • Encrypted file storage and SSL - encrypted file transfer
  • Personal login and user permissions
  • File sharing on public upload and download links (optional password protected)
  • Adjustable expiration date for upload- and download links
  • Platform-independent access via:
    • WebGUI
    • WebDAV (Windows, MacOSX, Linux)
    • Mobile Apps (iOS, Android, Blackberry BB10)
    • CMIS (OASIS-Standard)
  • Flexible authorization concept:
    • Authorization Concept on folder level
    • Extensive rights management (roles, groups)
  • IT Compliance:
    • Audit-proof logging of all activities
    • Connection to existing identity management solutions  (AD, SAML, OAUTH2)
  • IT Security:
    • Integration of third party security products (OTP, strong authentication, encryption software)
    • Construction of public or private clouds possible (on its own corporate infrastructure and / or with a trusted provider)
    • CIFS file server with integrated versioning


Operating modes of the "Business Editions"

  • Dedicated server in public or private zone
  • Ideal protection with firewall, IPS and / or VPN Services
  • Management and outsourcing services optional


Operating modes


High availability

  • Multiple replications across multiple data centers or branches
  • Integrated cluster services





  • The Dataspace Core is based on a stable core, which has been available for several years
  • Scalability of smaller installations (< 100 users) to large enterprises and service providers ( > 100'000 users)
  • Key features of scalability:
    • Optional separation of data and metadata
    • Secure transaction backend (file system, CIFS, Object Stores )
    • Versioning of all file objects
    • Bidirectional master-master replication of all data and metadata at the folder level
    • "Session Director" allows the routing of sessions to other nodes
    • RESTful APIs

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