Worldwide data exchange - safe, comfortable, device-independent

The exchange of sensitive (corporate) data on public platforms such as Dropbox is especially in a business environment, a clear no-go. Good thing with blooDataspace is a scalable, flexible and secure communications platform that provides secure data exchange - equally to companies, organizations and individuals. Whether data exchange, data distribution, data synchronization and data backup - blooDataspace is the answer.

  • enables an encrypted and secure exchange of files
  • Supports all kinds of user devices (PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets ...)
  • seamless scalability (from a few users to Enterprises and service providers with > 100 000 users)
  • corresponds to the highest compliance requirements and legal requirements

blooDataspace.pdf (413 KB)


Example of use

  • Encrypted and secure file exchange (internal / external)
  • Discharge to the e -mail system (Attachments)
  • Detachment from FTP or proprietary island solutions
  • Eliminating vulnerabilities in file exchange
  • Multilevel authorization concept
  • Mobile access to corporate data
  • Synchronization of files with desktop (Sync Client Mac, Win , Linux)
  • Replace local file server
  • Synchronization between branches

bloodataspace overview

Important Features at a glance

  • Encrypted file storage and SSL - encrypted file transfer
  • Personalized logins and user permissions
  • File sharing on public upload and download links (optional password protected)
  • djustable expiration date for download links, and user files
  • Platform-independent access via WebGUI, WebDAV (Windows, MacOSX, Linux), mobile apps (iOS, Android, BB10) and CMIS (OASIS standard)
  • Build a public or private cloud (on its own corporate infrastructure and / or with bloosite as a trusted provider)
  • Hosting in a Swiss Data Center (SFBC-audited, ISO 27001 certified)
  • Auditable logging
  • Transparent, attractive licensing



Corporate Look & Feel

  • Mails, Web and certificate use your domain
  • The receiver uses confidence in your company
  • Security concerns of public cloud services are excluded


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