blooSafe Release 2.0.2

Beschreibung: Der blooSafe Installer installiert den bloosite spezifischen Spectrum Protect Klienten, welcher für den blooSafe Backup Service ausgelegt ist.


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  • Name: bloosafe_2.0.2.exe
  • Size: 653373613 bytes (623 MiB)
  • SHA256: D5BF64E910DBB7C26614B8F51699CCC8154A76D884939A52F998AF710C8ECA90
  • SHA1: 9E16C8E76A829E00805A1483592C88528050472A

Release Notes

Release Notes blooSafe Installer V2.0.0
This release is for Windows x64 versions ONLY.

The installer should be run on a system without an existing IBM Spectrum Protect Client installation. Unexpected behaviour may
occur if the installer is used on a system which already has IBM Spectrum Protect Client installed, including replacement of dsm.opt,
change of existing schedules or failures during certificate database creation.

Usage - GUI
Run bloosafe_2.0.1.exe - extracts files, asks for destination, creates a folder bloosafe in the destination directory
go to boosafe folder, run bloosafe_setup.exe
The program guides you through the installation. The installer asks for administrator privileges when started.
Create the backup node on the backup portal - - before you run the installer.

Additional files are extracted in the bloosafe folder. The bloosafe folder can be deleted after the installation completes.

Usage - CLI
Silently extract files:
--- extract files to current folder, creates a folder bloosafe containing all files.
bloosafe_2.0.1.exe -y
--- extract files to c:\temp, creates a folder bloosafe containing all files.
bloosafe_2.0.1.exe -y -o"C:\temp"

Silent install - must be run with administrator privileges:
bloosafe_setup.exe /node <sp name> /server <sp server> /port <port> /config full|usersonly /log <logfile>

bloosafe_setup.exe /node 000001 /server /config usersonly /log C:\Windows\Temp\bloosafe.log
bloosafe_setup.exe /node 000001 /server /config full /log C:\Temp\bloosafe.log

/node is the backup node, create the node in the backup portal - - before running the installation.
/server is the sp server name shown in the backup portal. The fully qualified domain name must be used, as it appears in the portal.
/port is the ssl-enabled server port. This parameter is optional, defaults to 1542 if not specified.
/config specifies the dsm.opt template to be installed. the option "usersonly" installs a dsm.opt which excludes everything but
C:\Users. The option full installs a dsm.opt with DOMAIN all-local and default excludes only. All local drives are included in a backup.

Additional files are extracted in the bloosafe folder. The bloosafe folder can be deleted after the installation completes.


In GUI mode, the installer logs to C:\Windows\Temp\bloosafe.log. In silent mode, use the /log parameter.

dsm.opt Modifications
You may want to adjust dsm.opt according to your needs, e. g. exclude directories, change the default management class or the domain parameter.

Detailed Information
This version of the installer executes the following tasks:
- Installs required versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages
- Installs IBM Java 8
- Installs IBM Spectrum Protect Client
- Creates the IBM Spectrum Protect Client certificate database
- Adds the DigiCert Global Root G2 CA certificate to the database
- Creates a dsm.opt according to the selected template, node and server name are set according to the choosen options.
- Installs the required default services, "TSM Client Scheduler" and "TSM Client Acceptor"
- Updates the node password on the server and stores it on the client
- Starts the "TSM Client Acceptor" service

Exit Codes:
0 - installation completed successfully
1 - invalid parameters
2 - missing administrator privileges
3 - could not extract software
4 - vcredist 2012 x64 failed
5 - vcredist 2017 x64 failed
6 - IBM Java installer failed
7 - IBM Java installation failed, target directory doesn't exist
10 - IBM Spectrum Protect Client installation failed
11 - certificate database creation failed
12 - CA certificate import failed
13 - dsm.opt could not be created
14 - service installation failed
15 - password update failed, a reboot is required
16 - password update failed, no reboot required
17 - TSM Client Acceptor service couldn't be started. reboot required
18 - TSM Client Acceptor service couldn't be started. no reboot required.

Additional failure reasons, e.g. command exit codes, may be available in the installer log.

Removal Instructions
The following command sequence completely removes the client, including the software, configuration files, certificate database, log files and stored passwords.
The commands must be run in a command window with administrator privileges.

cd \
net stop "TSM Client Acceptor"
REM uninstall Spectrum Protect Client
MsiExec.exe /X{1F20C247-777E-4519-A4AE-2D6FE243FFB7} /passive /norestart
REM uninstall Spectrum Protect JVM
MsiExec.exe /X{AAD9F53E-50E3-450A-AA30-9DAE356B50BB} /passive /norestart
REM remove services
sc delete "TSM Client Scheduler"
sc delete "TSM Client Acceptor"
REM ONLY use this if you have no other Tivoli products installed
rmdir /S /Q "C:\ProgramData\Tivoli"
rmdir /S /Q "C:\Program Files\Tivoli"
rmdir /S /Q "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Tivoli"

Note: the /passive option shows a progress bar during uninstallation. Use /quiet if you don't want any window to be displayed.


- Spectrum Protect Client
- visual c++ redistributable files updated to latest version (as of 2022/07/25)
- added port parameter in GUI and CLI
- added uninstall of Spectrum Protect JVM to Removal Instructions

- Spectrum Protect Client
- individual visual c++ redistributable files for 2015/2017/2019 have been replaced by one package, 2015-2019

- modified for Spectrum Protect Client

- status window for GUI installer
- fixed an issue where the installer failed in case vcredist requested a reboot

- added /log parameter
- modified password change operation